“ This was the best morning of the year so far!

- Participant (Leighton House Museum, May 2023)

Fuelled by a passion for exploring the power of music to foster connections, ignite creativity, and improve overall well-being, I embarked on a journey to become a workshop leader, through Wigmore Hall's renowned Trainee Music Leader program

Passionate about blending the harmonies of music and the wholeness of mindful living, I also create workshops specifically exploring the nurturing blend of music, meditation, and creativity. I am currently training to become a certified meditation teacher.

Bespoke experiences...

All workshops are carefully customised to suit the ideas, interests, needs, and objectives of each partner.

Recent workshops and organisations:

... for all!

Music workshops can be for anyone! I work with general audiences, including museums, schools, music and arts organisations, and corporate events. 

Furthermore, a great part of my work is dedicated to working with groups who have specific needs, including people living with dementia, residents in care homes, people in addiction recovery, people experiencing homelessness, families in temporary accommodation, and many others.

"I watch my clients completely enthralled and transported as they listen.  Music is such a powerful tool for recovery.  One client told me, "I have never heard anything like that, but it touched my soul and I felt completely connected to it".  Service Users love these sessions and they take the mindfulness tools they learn on with them in their journeys."  - Nicholas Julius - Turning Point Drugs and Alcohol Well-being Service, BOOST Manager

Recent relevant training:

“The music meditation session with Inês was truly one of a kind. As a regular practitioner of meditation via phone apps, I’ve always struggled to slow down thoughts, breathe and bring my attention to the present moment. Inês’s method of combining music and her soothing voice created a perfect ambience for relaxation and mindfulness. As an added bonus, I found myself in this state for long after the session; to be precise, 3 hrs later when I self soothed to fall asleep and enjoyed one of my best nights of a full 8-hour rest after very long.”

- Uttara Narayan (Music Meditation Workshop participant, May 2023)

If you are particularly interested in music meditation, I am also a teacher on Insight Timer, where I share my violin meditation tracks. 

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