From concerts...

"Inês and Laura are truly exceptional together. Beautiful, beguiling playing and a deeply heartfelt message and 'manifesto'. A special radiance." 

- Andy Bush - Emmy-winning composer, producer, instrumentalist, educator, broadcaster

"From the beginning, it was clear to me that Inês has a bright and strong musical personality. (...) Duo Eunoia is an inspiring duo with a unique sound and uplifting energy. Listening to them brings a smile to my face"

- Yuri Zhislin - Violinist, violist - Professor at the Royal College of Music and Camerata Tchaikovsky’s Leader and Director

"From the moment I heard Inês play, it was clear that she has something special; her lyrical musicality and professionalism, coupled with boundless enthusiasm when performing, makes her a joy to watch. I always look forward to her performances, as she puts so much of herself into them, making each one magical and uniquely precious."

- Audience member, London concert

"Not only did she demonstrate great virtuosity and technical skill but her performance was remarkably enthusiastic and engaging. She really captured the audience."

- Audience member, Oxford concert

From workshops...

"I never experienced anything like this. Often in groups I feel like I can’t connect, and this was the first time I felt I did.”

- workshop participant, Turning Point Drugs and Alcohol Well-being Service

"The music and mindfulness session was such a special experience for both me and them. It was so peaceful, restorative and beautiful - a real moment of tranquility and permission to breathe in the middle of a frenetic term. To see the group so connected, grounded and restful was something I will not forget."

- Charlotte Richer - teacher supporting a class in Oxford during a Music & Mindfulness workshop

"The power of music is exemplified by the way in which Inês and Laura truly engage with their audience - they clearly care as much about the listener as they do about the varied music that they perform" (about Duo Eunoia)

- Robert Speker - Head of Member Lifestyle and Activities Loveday and Co. (specialising in dementia and elderly care)

"We were uplifted and transfixed. The power of music as therapy is confirmed"

- Professor David Jolley, Music & Meditation session for the Challenging Exclusion Conference 2023

"Truly powerful: deeply moving and very nourishing. Exquisite musician. It has inspired me to use music in my meditation. Blissful and transformative in every way.” 

- Participant (Music Meditation workshop, 2023) 

"Inês & Laura bring an infectious joy to the work they do. They have a knack of forming an instant connection between themselves and their participants. Their enthusiasm for music and their genuine compassion for our clients is obvious. They are, of course, incredibly skilled musicians and they play beautifully. I watch my clients completely enthralled and transported as they listen. Music is such a powerful tool for recovery. One client told me, "I have never heard anything like that, but it touched my soul and I felt completely connected to it". Service Users love these sessions and they take the mindfulness tools they learn on with them in their journeys! (about Duo Eunoia)

- Nicholas Julius - Turning Point Drugs and Alcohol Well-being Service, BOOST Manager

"I am going to have a smile on my face for the rest of the day!"

- workshop participant, Turning Point Drugs and Alcohol Well-being Service

“The music meditation session with Inês was truly one of a kind. As a regular practitioner of meditation via phone apps, I’ve always struggled to slow down thoughts, breathe and bring my attention to the present moment. Inês’s method of combining music and her soothing voice created a perfect ambience for relaxation and mindfulness. As an added bonus, I found myself in this state for long after the session; to be precise, 3 hrs later when I self soothed to fall asleep and enjoyed one of my best nights of a full 8-hour rest after very long.”

- Uttara Narayan (Music Meditation Workshop participant, May 2023)

“This was the best morning of the year so far!

- Music Meditation attendee (Leighton House Museum, May 2023)