"From the moment I heard Inês play, it was clear that she has something special; (...) I always look forward to her performances, as she puts so much of herself into them, making each one magical and uniquely precious."

- Audience member, London


Playing in orchestra was what originally ignited my passion for the violin and introduced me to the enchanting world of music. 

A graduate of the Royal College of Music, I regularly perform alongside renowned orchestras like the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Chamber Music

Chamber music holds a special place in my heart. Collaboration is a key part of my work as a musician.

Partnered with the exceptional pianist and dear friend Laura Casas Cambra, we created Duo Eunoia

Photo: Olivia da Costa

Duo Eunoia create interactive performances and workshops where creativity, improvisation and connection are at the heart of it all. 

Passionate about discovering the work of lesser-known and contemporary composers, we share a varied and contrasting selection of music with our listeners - from meditative sounds to magical scenarios, old traditions to folk melodies - to inspire each person’s own creative mind.

Dedicated to curating bespoke, interactive musical journeys that extend beyond concert halls, our mission is to make music accessible to all, including those who may not have traditional access to it.

"Inês and Laura are truly exceptional together. Beautiful, beguiling playing and a deeply heartfelt message and 'manifesto'. A special radiance." 

- Andy Bush - Emmy-winning composer, producer, instrumentalist, educator, broadcaster

Other collaborations: