Music Meditation

A creative and mindful approach to music and to life. 

Join me and expand your: mindfulness and music appreciation skills, while discovering new 

tools to boost creativity and to build community.

“This was the best morning of the year so far.”

- Participant (Music Meditation workshop for Leighton House Museum, May 2023)

What is Music Meditation?

Music Meditation offers a range of musical and creative activities for all. Simply put, by focusing on the music and on how it affects the mind and the body, we stay connected to the present moment.

By approaching music and creativity in a mindful way, we will explore tools for well-being, for deepening self-awareness, boosting creativity, and building community and trust - all in a fun, relaxing and open environment. 

- Click here to listen to my violin meditation tracks for free on Insight Timer - 

What happens in a Music Meditation session?

What makes each workshop special and unique is that each session will be tailor-made for you or your group. Together, we will design your ideal workshop based on your needs, interests and goals.

I teach various mindful and creative practices during a workshop. We will explore them together, creating as much space for discussion and reflection as we like. These sessions have a slow living approach, where we take time for conscious and meaningful engagement and reflection.

There are three practice categories: Calming & Soothing, Focus & Concentration, and Creativity & Imagination. Each session can have a combination of these practices, according to yours or your groups' needs and interests. 

Who is Music Meditation for?

Sessions can be adapted for various settings, group sizes and ages. Workshops can be for:

If you identify with some of the sentences below, you may find the sessions particularly beneficial:


“Truly powerful: deeply moving and very nourishing. Exquisite musician. It has inspired me to use music in my meditation. Blissful and transformative in every way.” 

- Participant (Music Meditation workshop for Music at Oxford, May 2023)

“The music meditation session with Inês was truly one of a kind. As a regular practitioner of meditation via phone apps, I’ve always struggled to slow down thoughts, breathe and bring my attention to the present moment. Inês’s method of combining music and her soothing voice created a perfect ambience for relaxation and mindfulness. As an added bonus, I found myself in this state for long after the session; to be precise, 3 hrs later when I self soothed to fall asleep and enjoyed one of my best nights of a full 8-hour rest after very long.”

- Uttara Narayan (Music Meditation Workshop participant, May 2023)

“Such a special experience. It was peaceful, restorative and beautiful - a real moment of tranquility and permission to breathe in the middle of a frenetic term. To see the group so connected, grounded and restful was something I will not forget.”

- Charlotte Richer (school teacher accompanying her classes in a Music Meditation workshop, November 2022)

Photo: Simon Vail

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