Violin and Chamber Music lessons for children and adults

Ever since I was little, I always felt a strong desire to help and empower those around me. Through my passion for music and my violin, I found the perfect way to do just that.

I have been teaching in London since 2015, having worked extensively both with schools and private students of all ages. You can find my detailed biography here. I can also send you my Teaching CV and references from current or past students or professors upon request.



What I can guarantee is teaching of outstanding quality and flexibility - my lessons are about YOU and your own goals, which we will work on together.


I will give you the skills, expertise and the knowledge from my many years of experience of playing, performing and teaching;

I will share with you my passion for music and for sharing music with others;

I will give you the tools you need to make music that you love - because I believe loving what you do is the key to success for anything you dream of achieving.


If you are interested do get in touch and we can schedule a free initial chat (over Zoom or Whatsapp).


But for now, take a look below, I hope you enjoy these videos!