Mind the Creatives!

Some of the most inspiring podcasts and speeches I’ve ever heard were by athletes, sports coaches, and business leaders: the mental skills needed to succeed in these worlds have been inspiring the lives of people working in all sorts of areas and professions.

However, as a musician, I believe that artists have just as much to offer! Being a successful artist requires fundamental skills such as discipline, creativity, focus, resilience, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, team work, communication, confidence, ability to work under pressure,… and so much more!! So I believe artists have SO much to give to the world: not only their art, but also their mindset.

It it is time the world hears what we have to share! So check my YouTube channel and stay tuned - the topics covered will be for everyone, artist or not, musician or not. You can also check the 1-minute intro to this series below! We can all learn when we Mind the Creatives!!