Events & Testimonials

2023 Chamber Music and Workshops

February 14th Violin & Guitar with Michael Christian Durrant - Wigmore Hall 

February 15th "Wigmore Detective Agency" workshop at the Wigmore Hall 

March 18th Bloomsbury Quartet at the Wigmore Hall (guest violinist)

March 17th Duo Eunoia at Leighton House - Music & Drawing event (7pm)

May 16th Duo Eunoia online performance for Sage Stream

May 26th Duo Eunoia at St. Paul's Covent Garden (1pm)

June 10th Camerata Tchaikovsky at St. Mark's Hamilton Terrace (7pm)

June 16th Duo Eunoia at St. James's Church Sussex Gardens (1pm)


"Inês and Laura are truly exceptional together. Beautiful, beguiling playing and a deeply heartfelt message and 'manifesto'. A special radiance." {About Duo Eunoia}

- Andy Bush - Emmy-winning composer, producer, instrumentalist, educator, broadcaster

"Duo Eunoia is an inspiring duo with a unique sound and uplifting energy. Listening to them brings a smile to my face"

- Yuri Zhislin - Violinist, violist - Professor at the Royal College of Music and Camerata Tchaikovsky’s Leader and Director

"From the moment I heard Inês play, it was clear that she has something special; her lyrical musicality and professionalism, coupled with boundless enthusiasm when performing makes her a joy to watch. I always look forward to her performances, as she puts so much of herself into them, making each one magical and uniquely precious."

- Audience member, London concert

"The power of music is exemplified by the way in which Inês and Laura truly engage with their audience - they clearly care as much about the listener as they do about the varied music that they perform"

- Robert Speker - Head of Member Lifestyle and Activities Loveday and Co. (specialising in dementia and elderly care)

"Not only did she demonstrate great virtuosity and technical skill but her performance was remarkably enthusiastic and engaging. She really captured the audience."

- Audience member, Oxford concert

"The music and mindfulness session was such a special experience for both me and them. It was so peaceful, restorative and beautiful - a real moment of tranquility and permission to breathe in the middle of a frenetic term. To see the group so connected, grounded and restful was something I will not forget."

- Charlotte Richer - teacher supporting a class in Oxford during a Music & Mindfulness workshop