Inês Delgado

Violinist and Workshop Leader

My greatest passion is to explore how music can help, empower and inspire people, and therefore improve our health and wellbeing.

Ines Delgado Violin, violinist

Community engagement - workshop leading


Community music is a big part of my work, where I am particularly passionate about working with vulnerable or marginalised groups. I believe we are all creative and musical - but so many of us simply don’t believe it! My passion is to help people unlock their immense creative potential and use that as a powerful tool for health and wellbeing.


To help me fulfil my purpose, I trained as the 2021/22 trainee music leader at Evolve Music and at the Wigmore Hall, where I get the chance to support and co-lead various music workshops.

I work in various contexts, supporting and co-leading workshops in: schools, SEN schools, groups for autistic young people, for adults with disabilities, homeless people, people living with dementia, mothers experiencing postnatal depression, and women and children who experienced abuse.



Chamber Music and Orchestra

As a performer, my passions are orchestra and chamber music. Currently, I am on trial with the Ulster Orchestra for the position of second violins section leader, and I am a 2020-2022 Foyle Future First violinist with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. I regularly play with other orchestras, such as the Oxford Philharmonic, the Philharmonia or the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2020, I formed the Duo Eunoia with pianist Laura Casas Cambra, creating interactive performances where creativity, improvisation and connection with the audience are at the heart of it all. We are passionate about discovering the work of lesser-known and contemporary composers, sharing a varied and contrasting selection of music with tour listeners. 

As the Duo Eunoia, Laura and I are 2022/23 Debut Horizon Artists, and October 2022 will mark our Debut at the Wigmore Hall's Wigmore Sessions.


Studies and Research

I have studied at the Royal College of Music in London, where I completed my Bachelor (2014-2018) and Masters Degrees (2018-2020) with 1st class. My Masters Degree included a research project about music workshops for people living with dementia - How can musicians make music with people with dementia?: an investigation of musician-led musical practices for those living with dementia - which can be downloaded for free here.

My interest in research took me to apply and successfully received the opportunity to be a research assistant and workshop host for the Royal College of Music's Songs from Home - a research project exploring the impact of songwriting for new mums experiencing postnatal depression.


Beyond work...

In my free time, you will probably find me experimenting with / trying / learning something new - such as a new hobby, a new skill, reading, listening to podcasts or new music, or discovering a new place!


I look forward to meeting you in a future workshop or concert! 

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